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I’m no longer a danger to myself !

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I nearly amputated myself yesterday. Sheer luck and overtime work by my guardian angel are the only things which helped me retain my fingers intact! A knife stuck the wrong way in a spoon holder was the culprit. The most frustrating aspect is that  I cannot blame anybody but myself for this and believe me, that makes it so much more annoying !

We had  friends over for dinner, and as usual I found myself dashing around at the last minute to  put everything in order and get ready. I was totally drained by the time dinner was through and so I  decided to sit down and find out where I was going wrong. This is not the first time this is happening to me but fortunately for our guests, I’ve managed to get everything ready. However this mad rush is taking its toll on my poor nerves.  I have formulated a plan of action which has helped me considerably  lower my stress levels 🙂

These are the guidelines I’ve followed :

•Decide your menu 4 days in advance. This gives you one day for shopping and then a day for tweaking the menu depending on availability of stuff and then one buffer day for last minute shopping.

•If anything can be prepared on the previous day you should certainly do so. This really makes your workload lighter and lead to a more relaxed you when guests arrive.

•Any house cleaning that has to be done should be done on the previous day, except for dusting. Fresh flowers can also be bought the previous day and stuck in vases. I used to keep it for the day the guests arrive and ended up forgetting to buy the damn things ! So now ,previous day works for me.

•Enlist your children for cleaning duties. Give them their separate areas to clean up and make that area their responsibility. They love to be given independent responsibility and any compliments from the guests about their effort should be conveyed directly to them.

•Ask your maid to wash and clean the cutlery and crockery you are planning to use , either in the morning or the previous day. At the time of setting the table you just have to give a quick wipe with a clean cloth.

These are some tricks which help me survive. If you have some time saving methods do let me know. I’ll be thrilled 🙂


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