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size zero ? nah !!!

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I am not obese but neither am I  very slim. In fact somewhere in between would describe me well.I love food and have no desire to starve myself and get pencil thin. However  I  realised that a love of food if left unchecked is not conducive to a healthy body .So I started gymming with my hubby last year, but this effort died a natural death after 6 months. As a working mom it was very difficult to juggle kids, lunch boxes ,breakfasts,office timings and also the gym in the morning. And if guests landed up ,God save me ! The sad part was that I was enjoying my stint at the gym. Since I love food, exercise is an absolute must if I have to keep fitting into my clothes:)

After much trial and error I’ve identified certain efforts which are helping me to control weight gain and which also makes me feel very good. Going on starvation diets is a big no if you want to be a healthy and happy person. They only make you feel grumpy due to lack of essential nutrients and such a weight loss will not be permanent. The need to fill your tummy will always be at the back of your mind, especially if you are like me !

  • Exercise is a must. You have to incorporate some form of structured exercise into your daily routine. Walks, skipping, cycling, dancing, swimming and of course going to a gym. Do not delude yourself into thinking that  climbing stairs or running after your kids at home is enough since these are not regular occurrances. You should neccessarily exercise your body for a fixed amount of time daily ,and not less than 20 minutes.
  • Eat many small meals and do not let yourself go hungry for a long period of time . Then we feel so hungry that we end up overeating. Breakfast ends up being the healthiest meal of the day since we don’t get the time to do anything elaborate so we prepare something simple and nutritious. If you are working, pack a tiny box of left over breakfast ,some fruit or something light. Biscuits and snacks not allowed 🙂 . Eat  it around 11 0’clock. That’s when the stomach gets empty ( not scientifically proven but what I experienced ! )
  • Drink, drink, drink  water. I’ve bought myself a very cute water bottle which is bright and colourful and makes me feel very happy 🙂 So I end up drinking lots of water. This was something that I never used to do. My entire consumption was maximum 4 glasses !
  • Do not over eat.Easier said than done !! But if a foodie like me can do it then you definitely can and should. When you feel comfortably full, just stop. Even though slightly rude, you can even get up from the table and proceed to washing your hands. Tell yourself that you’ve had enough of the tasty yummy dish and any more is only going to add to your waistline. Has worked surprisingly well for me. This way, I don’t deprive myself of my favourites and at the same time I feel good that I’m taking care of my body 🙂

These efforts if put into practice will definitely lead to a healthier you. Our aim is not size zero but a happy healthy me 🙂


2 comments on “size zero ? nah !!!

  1. Swati
    July 14, 2012

    You are the prettiest mommy I have ever met – who needs size zero then!


    • Anju
      July 16, 2012

      Thanks Darling ! u r the best :))))


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