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The moving van is here !

In the last 15  yrs we have moved houses 8 times and I found the entire experience exciting as well as exhausting. So many new possibilities and opportunities and also a lot of hard work and confusion. I have had some of the worst fights with my hubby during house shifts  and usually it would be about the most trivial and meaningless thing ! Anyway, through all that madness I have evolved some kind of a system which has helped me cope. Let me warn u that nothing and I mean absolutely nothing can make the process easy. Easy is not a word that we associate with  house shifting:) . Numerous local shifts and one inter state move has left me slightly smarter about this process.

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Declutter – About a month before the shift, start decluttering cupboards. There will be a lot of things which you would not want to take along. So give yourself enough time to dispose the unwanted items at your leisure. Give yourself a deadline or else it will just get postponed.

Lists,lists,lists – This has been my mantra for any occasion and a change of residence is a prime opportunity for me to indulge in my passion 🙂 . But believe me, it’s a life saver. Make lists of all the little jobs that you have to complete before and after shifting. Change of addresses have to be done in countless places, banks,gas agency, library, …. Compiling a list of all the places will help  to complete the task without having to listen to a tirade from  hubby. The sense of satisfaction I get when I can calmly reply in the affirmative to such a question from him is untold ! Listing down all the workmen who have to be contacted and when they are arriving has really helped me to keep track of stuff.

Sort and Pack – Try to pack the contents of one room all together. Your cookbooks if kept in the kitchen should be in the carton holding your kitchen stuff and not in the books carton. This really helps while unpacking and I find the whole process easier. Oops , ok not easier but smoother !

Label – This is the Holy Grail of shifting. Label the cartons according to the room in which has to be stored . Have a permanent marker handy to do the deed ! One carton should be labelled ‘Miscellaneous’ and used  to pack stuff which you are not sure of. So when your things are being unloaded from the truck,you can direct the cartons to be placed in the appropriate room.  This will save you a lot of effort you will otherwise have to put in to drag the heavy cartons from one room to another.

The suitcase – Always pack a bag with a few sets of clothes, your toiletries,cell phone charger,  some essential medicines and other such daily use kind of stuff  and keep it with you. Do not send it off with the rest of your belongings. If you are moving to another state or country then the size of the bag/suitcase will be bigger ,but be sure to take along stuff which  you will need to survive for a few days without unpacking.

These are not foolproof methods and it will not reduce the number of fights with hubby, but it will definitely make unpacking a smoother process  !


2 comments on “The moving van is here !

  1. Sreeja
    July 13, 2012

    I have done this at least thrice in the last 6 years. . . every move has its tinges of sadness and joy . . . leaving behind memories of new recipes tried for the 1st time in the kitchen, a unique heart-felt prayer sent up in the puja room, a first time kitchen garden . . . you name it.


    • Anju
      July 16, 2012

      Absolutely right Sreej. Each shift is a bittersweet experience and I’m also constantly amazed by how resilient we are.


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