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I deserve this holiday .

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Recently a friend told me that she hadnt been on a holiday  since almost 5 years . I was shocked into silence and believe me that is quite a feat !  I firmly believe that women should take a break at least twice a year . We need it to recharge our batteries and we definitely deserve it after all the multi tasking that we do . Anyway I found out after detailed conversations with friends (another excuse to meet up 🙂 ) that everybody unanimously ,and very vociferously in some cases, supported my women-need-a-holiday theory. So we got around to discussing destinations and tour plans and the whole thingamajig associated with holidays. The common logic seemed to be that a holiday has to be to a fantastic place where we can do everything from sightseeing to shopping to visiting any relatives in a 100 km vicinity  and any other activity that could be fitted in. The rationale was that ‘anyway we are taking the trouble to go to this place so might as well make the most of it’.

When I was listening to all these opinions, I was struck by the fact that none of these scenarios had relaxation and rest incorporated in the itinary ! It was appalling. All these activitiy crammed vacations are not vacations in the truest sense, especially for the lady. We would again be picking up clothes and horror of horrors, be on our feet from dawn to dusk. It would definitely be a vacation for the family since they are getting a break from their normal routine. But we would again end up doing almost everything that we were doing at home.

So after mulling over the issue fortified by endless cups of tea,I have identified the criteria for a perfect vacation for us gals:

  1. The destination has to be a resort or homestay  which can be reached in a days time. This way we don’t have to waste much time on travel .
  2. A clean room and loo is very important. I can certainly do without luxury but not cleanliness.
  3. There has to be  some activities for kids . A pool is more than enough since children can spend hours in the water and  Hubby can keep an eye on them while he has his beer 🙂
  4. No shopping anywhere in the vicinity,lest we get tempted to spend all the time trudging around in search of that best bargain.

This vacation should be for recharging depleted batteries . Now that I have decided all this,lemme see whether I can do something about it 🙂


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