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What’s for dinner ?

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This is the question which haunts me from the time breakfast is over.  The question that brings tears to my eyes and makes me want to tear my hair out. Not that I can afford to do the latter, the rate at which the said hair is shedding!  Anyway, ‘What to make for dinner?’ is the most dreaded question ever.

The internet is a good ally. I used to work  for my hubby  for a short period ( that’s a story for another occasion !) and  I would find myself taking quick peeks at cookery blogs in the middle of the day, with one eye out for the boss. It was such a frustrating affair and usually a squint was all that I could show for my labor. There are a zillion plus one sites and most of them are so filled with recipes that my head reels just trying to find something suitable.

To find something,

  • which does not involve culinary calisthenics,
  • which uses normal ingredients found in the local supermarket and
  • which has recipes which my kids will eat,

is quite a Herculean task. But  wonder of wonders,there are some kind souls whose blogs actually meet these criteria. To fellow mommies in the same boat, I dedicate this post to all of you 🙂

Here are these saviors.

  • – Easy to cook recipes,explained clearly and with  delectable looking photographs.A pleasure to read and really makes you want to try it out. I have a 100% success rate with the recipes here, and each one has come out well. Don’t miss the comments section  since DK gives a lot of suggestions and substitutions  in response to queries here.
  • – Huge repertoire of recipes with a definite slant towards Kerala cuisine. Maria has a lovely way with words which makes me feel as if I’m talking to her.Well categorized which makes our job of selecting very easy.
  • – Here’s a place where cooking videos can be viewed. There’s a lot of North Indian food and also a lot of fusion, like paneer masala bread.
  • – From profiteroles to pork curry, there’s quite a variety here. Priya has recipes for every occasion and since she’s based in Kochi the ingredients used are easily available.

Now, even though the dinner menu is a hurdle, with the help of these blogs I have been able to jump over them with a smile and a song 🙂


4 comments on “What’s for dinner ?

  1. susanlv
    July 18, 2012

    hey Anju- nice to rock the same boat with u n jas!! It’s calm seas today!! Made some noodles out of what’s in stock in the refrigerator! Tomorrow-it’ll be “hit the stores!!’ before i run out of excuses!!!Ciao! -Happy Planning! Happy Cooking and Happy Eating!! All said n done- the last part’s the best!!


    • Anju
      July 19, 2012

      Sus, absolutely agree with u . Eating is the best !


  2. Jasmine
    July 18, 2012

    Nice to know I’m not the lone sufferer of this ‘ailment’! 🙂 On holidays, its even worse… what’s for lunch, tea and dinner?!!
    Thanks for the links – I usually google up a recipe (like ‘paneer’ or ‘chicken’ etc. ) and don’t really think at which site I finally selected the recipe from. Mariasmenu is a nice site (wife of a good friend of my hubby :-))


    • Anju
      July 18, 2012

      Jas, glad to be of help 🙂


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