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Staying Sane !


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Hubby is acting up, kids are egging each other on to abominable levels of behaviour, the maid seems determined not to be left out and is perfecting the act of being deaf as well as dumb. On such days even though hara-kiri seems quite a tempting option, I find that I can restore some semblance of sanity by certain activities.

Call the ‘Girl Brigade’ – Our girl friends. We all have them in our lives. Our comfort blankets; willing victims of our endless tirades; our conscience keepers. The older I get, their importance in my life keeps growing, and a full on rant to a friend leaves me feeling quite refreshed and ready to face the world. The best thing is that explanations are not required for completely  irrational behaviour. I can curse somebody till I’m hoarse and the next day sing their praises. No explanations required. That is the beauty of the Girl Brigade. Moreover my emotional flare-ups are never ever dismissed as PMS. (I hate that word with a passion and I think it’s the biggest gift that science has given to men!). A full out bitching session with girl friends is our only hope to cling on to our sanity!

Go for a walk – Just get out of the house. I find this a surefire way of cooling down and pounding the streets helps me take my anger out on the roads! By the time I get back I feel so exhausted that nothing affects me  🙂

Attack cupboards – Shut yourself in a room and clean that cupboard you’ve been putting off for centuries!  A savage mood helps me do a better job  and I find that I can brutally discard all the inane stuff I’ve been hoarding. Music definitely aids this activity. The louder the better.

Retail Therapy – Oooh! This is the most effective and delicious stress buster. Shopping. The word guaranteed to bring a smile on the most hardened woman’s face. My personal favourite is shopping for books. Let me loose in a bookshop and I forget the world; and I end up in a much better frame of mind. But keep this as your last resort since there’s a possibility that you’ll feel guilty for spending. So unless the provocation is that severe, do not choose this option.

Just talking about all this has put a smile on my face  🙂


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