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He loves Pink and I Just Don’t Get It !

Mr.A loves Pink !  Ok, not the color( thank god for that ) but the one and only Pink Floyd 🙂 . He goes into a trance when listening to their songs. The only other time I’ve seen him in a similar state is when I start talking about the good old days, but then his eyes also seem to glaze over which gives him a slightly catatonic look rather than the ecstatic Floyd look. Well anyway, he can listen for hours to Floyd . I’ve nothing against Floyd and I’ve nothing against his listening to it, but I somehow don’t get their music. I’ve tried my level best to like them, gritted my teeth and listened patiently to the Wall and the Division Bell but I never got that euphoric moment when I lost myself in their melody. My mind would stealthily wander and I found myself making shopping lists and thinking of inane stuff  like what time I should go to bed !

When Mr.A  first mentioned the Crazy Diamond, I thought he was referring to me and I must admit that I was quite pleased, even though I didn’t agree with the ‘Crazy’ part. Imagine my dismay when I realized it was a song ! In all these years I’ve managed to like one of their songs – ‘We don’t need no education ‘; in fact I used to sing it with gusto until my daughter was big enough to go to school. Then in the interests of her ‘education’ I stopped my enthusiastic rendering. During long car journeys Mr.A  loves listening to Floyd and driving, and I love Floyd cos it’s guaranteed to put me to sleep. I can feel myself slowly slipping away and according to the spouse I sway from side to side while sleeping in the car. Can it be that my subconscious has learnt to enjoy it ???

There’s something about Floyd which brings out the philistine in me. It’s not that I don’t like music, I love music. I’m more of an Abba, Don Williams kind of person. My musical forays are  into the world of  old songs and classical music, but I also like listening to Mr.A’s  music which is a lot of Knopfler, Springsteen, U2 , Corrs and the like. I gave him a big shock recently when he found me listening to the Doors !

Suffice to say that Pink Floyd continues to best me . My sincere apologies to all their fans and I hope that they don’t beat me up 🙂


2 comments on “He loves Pink and I Just Don’t Get It !

  1. susanlv
    September 21, 2012

    Liked the part – Floyd puts u to sleep and -“can it be that my subconscious has learnt to enjoy it’!!! Hee! Hee! Must try it someday-only thing is that Lal plays dappan kotthu songs while travelling in the car and can’t possibly go to sleep then!!


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