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Yet Another Reason to Eat !

Food – a word which evokes strong emotions in me, something which I’m very passionate about. How can someone remain unmoved by the sight of  hot lentil fritters and a steaming cup of tea or as a Malayali would say,”parippu vada and chaya” !  I’m a total foodie but I must confess that I don’t do  gourmet food . There’s something about all the style and colour coordination and frills and ruffles which makes me conscious of what I eat and more importantly, how I eat ! I mean, a juicy burger has to be chomped with total abandon to really savour it . Bakeries rank right along with  bookshops as my favourite places; the former send me into a frenzy and  in the latter I go into a trance.

I really don’t need a reason to dig into food, but I  haven’t been able to fathom how something as mundane as  the weather can have such an effect on my craving for

Pic courtesy : gregoriosz; flickr

Pic courtesy : gregoriosz; flickr

specific kinds of foodstuffs !  A craving for each kind of weather…..

Picture a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds sprinkled around. It’s midmorning and what could be  more perfect than a strong cup of coffee and a slice of warm, moist carrot cake with a faint aroma of cinnamon.

When it’s blazing hot outside and I’ve just walked into the cool interiors of my home, downing a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade with a dash of ginger is like plunging into a pool. Simply Heaven !

Sunday afternoon siestas are a rarity in my life but when I get a chance, it’s something I  truly savour. However the experience is not complete unless I get my favourite snack on waking up. Sitting on the balcony curled up in a chair, replete with sleep, I love to bite into crisp and juicy banana fritters (pazham pori in Mallu speak), along with  a hot cup of  tea.

Some days are quite humid and by evening a pall of heat still lingers. After having drunk gallons of water through the day  I look forward to a light dinner. The perfect meal for this occassion is hot  fluffy rotis with delicious tadka dal . The vibrant yellow dal, with flecks of fresh green coriander  and the faint hint of cumin, scooped up with a piece of roti is just Mmmmm 🙂

I wait for the rains when everything comes to life . I can sit for hours watching the raindrops chasing each other on the electric lines. Leaves of all sizes and shapes seem to revel in this weather. Some of them throw themselves around like teenagers at a rock concert; of course there are also the  more graceful dancers with their ethereal moves. Such a heady weather calls for something stirring and zestful. I’m sure every Indian would agree with me on the rightness of spicy, hot pakodas accompanied by masala chai in this situation !

Then there’re times when the rain falls slowly and steadily and creates a sense of  being in a cocoon. This calls for some baking and when the house becomes filled with the smell of a chocolate cake, everything seems right with the world. Digging into that cake is a bygone conclusion !

Talking of all that food has got me me totally worked up. It’s morning and there’s a slight nip in the air ; my breakfast beckons –  steaming, white idlis and piping hot sambar …….


8 comments on “Yet Another Reason to Eat !

  1. peakperspective
    December 18, 2012

    Off to the shops. Must make masala chai! A mighty big yum 🙂


    • The Glass Bangle
      December 20, 2012

      Masala chai ! You should have hot pakodas with it. Try this recipe, you’ll love it 🙂


      • peakperspective
        December 20, 2012

        Oh, I love this dish! In fact, I was such a fan, I named one of my dogs Bhaji. The other one was Chutney. I love naming animals after my favorite food. And actually, the dog I have now is called Haggis. I suppose it’s my weird way of paying tribute to the cultures I adore.
        Thank you for the recipe. Much appreciated. 🙂


      • The Glass Bangle
        December 20, 2012



  2. Raji
    December 8, 2012

    yummy….first I skimmed through the writings to taste all the foods you are talking about….then I made a masala tea and started reading this, yes it is raining outside…thanks for making the perfect relaxing moment..

    Another food lover


    • The Glass Bangle
      December 9, 2012

      We can never get the taste and aroma of” parippu vadas” and pazham poris” out of our system 🙂


  3. Leela
    December 8, 2012

    Anju dear,feeling like having tasted all those.Simply great.


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