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Were the Mayans Right After All ?

Science fiction movies of yester years were quite corny but now I find them more and more scary. Scary not because of the effects but because  they mirror todays reality.  What set us apart as humans is steadily being erased and removed and that too of our own volition.

Physically, we are trying to replace all body parts with a vengeance ! Perfect teeth, perfectly sculpted body, perfect hair, perfect skin, the list of modifications is endless. But in this mad rush to perfect the form , the one part which can truly make a person wonderful, the mind, is ignored and kicked to the sidelines. Who needs a mind when so much of what you are doing is mindless ! Today we are so uncomfortable when asked to interact with another person. In public places, a lot of effort goes into shying away from eye contact, in case that leads to a conversation !  On the other hand give us a machine and we are bang in the middle of our comfort zone.  At home, it’s either the TV or a computer or an iPad or what have you  and at work it’s the same of course minus the TV.

Nowadays everybody is constantly on the move , yet all of us are short of one thing, and that is Time. We work overtime at the office and fail to spend minimum time with family. We do not have time to talk to our parents,we do not have time to share a quiet moment with our spouse, we do not have time to spend with our children and enjoy their company, we do not have time to look after ourselves. Why are we not stopping?  Isn’t it ironic that we are doing all this apparently to better our lives ! We are moving away from the concept of commitment to  family and community to the commitment only to oneself.

The Mayans managed to give us quite a scare with their doomsday prediction. But were they really that wrong ?  Aren’t we slowly losing our humanity, our

compassion ? Not a day passes without a shocking example of man’s depravity in the newspapers. Maybe the Mayans were warning us that the path we are on would lead to the death of the qualities which makes us human and hence a death of humanity itself. How long will we continue to take from the Earth without giving much in return?

However, I’d like to believe that we still have some time to make amends. In fact we owe it to ourselves and to our children to make the world a better place. If each of us can teach our near and dear ones to value another person, to do something to help the community, to look beyond the self, we can save ourselves and the world. Let each child learn to respect and love his/her parents, grandparents and others around them; let each man learn to value and cherish women; let each woman learn to stand up for herself and her children, and let all of us contribute to enriching the environment and what a beautiful world it would be.


11 comments on “Were the Mayans Right After All ?

  1. peakperspective
    January 16, 2013

    Well spoken and beautifully put. Relationships with other people require more effort and energy than those we cultivate with our electronic devices. People are scary. They reject you. There’s so much at stake with the judgement of others.
    What we need are computers that give us flack like a teenage boy or snarky comments like a middle school girl. Monitors that ask us if we’re sure we want to eat that … I think you get my point.
    I with the Maya. Let’s get with the program and re-find our humanity. Maybe I’ll tweet that.


    • The Glass Bangle
      January 17, 2013

      You are a very warm person and I refuse to believe that you have a problem with people. Though I do agree that some specimens are a trial ! I loved the ‘refinding humanity’ bit. In Hinduism, we believe that the Tenth Avatar of Vishnu will appear when humanity reaches its nadir and destroy all the evil doers and save us. That may take some time, so meanwhile lets start by rediscovering our deeply buried humaneness 🙂


  2. gabrielablandy
    January 8, 2013

    Thanks for following my blog. I thought this post was great – full of wonderful insights. Thanks for sharing!


  3. rhythm & method
    January 8, 2013

    Fantastic post. I wholeheartedly agree.


    • The Glass Bangle
      January 8, 2013

      Thank You. It started as a post and somehow got out of hand and evolved into a full on rant 🙂


  4. weighingmywings
    January 2, 2013

    A nice thought provoking read..


  5. blackseptembre
    January 2, 2013

    Beautiful thought Anjana. And so perceptive. Doomsday has come and gone and we have been altered in seemingly irrevocable ways. Lovely piece.


    • The Glass Bangle
      January 2, 2013

      I feel quite concerned about the truly important things we fail to teach our children and how progressively self obsessed we are getting. There should be a change and what better place to start than our own homes 🙂


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