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Pre-travelitis ! – Travel Chronicles 4

Prior to every travel I fall prey to  Pre-travelitis. It’s a rather singular disease which creeps up and ambushes me no matter what precautions I take ! The symptoms are the same each time and rarely vary. The recent trip to Cambodia was no different.

  • Upheavals in the tummy, of seismic proportions –  No, this definitely is not due to indigestion ! The reason for this particular manifestation is the sudden realisation that D-day has arrived and most of the packing is yet to be done.After each holiday, I swear to myself on all that I hold holy that the next trip I’ll

    become a shining example of an organised , early packing traveller. But hey, you can’t blame a person for getting side tracked by some books, a lil bit of music, teeny weeny bit of horsing around with the kids and of course the indispensable chats with friends, can you ? As soon as the date of our trip is fixed I firmly tell myself that this time there will be no running  around like a maniac on the last day. I shall rest and relax so that I start the holiday in a calm state of mind. In my mind I’m already picturing myself with a smile that will put Mona Lisa to shame and a languid  toing and froing around my house just to ensure that everything is in it’s place and the rooms are spick n’span. Exactly one week before D-day I drag out the suitcase and plonk it in our bedroom. I’m so satisfied with this effort that for the next two days I give myself a break. Then with each passing day I proceed to fling stuff inside which I think I’ll need . Sounds like a very efficient process, doesn’t it ? The snag is, due to random flinging I do not have an exact idea of what has gone in and more importantly Hubby ends up banging his foot on the suitcase most days ! The preceding night I end up emptying the idiotic thing cos I’m not very sure at this stage what exactly has gone in.. A lot of weeding out has to be done once I realise that I surely don’t want to take stuff like brightly coloured bangles and 6 books along. Out go the former and the latter is reduced to 3 ! This happens to be the tip of the iceberg and certain vital stuff like clothes and medicines are still waiting on the sidelines.However, by the time I finish my weeding I’m exhausted and totally out of sorts; it certainly does not help that Hubby is through with his packing. I throw up my hands and defiantly go to bed. All the spunk vanishes early in the morning and then starts the Olympic packing race. All I’ll say is that my family takes ample precautions to stay out of my way on that day ! Sadly, the only work of art I resemble would be Edvard Munch‘s, ‘Scream ‘ 🙂

  • A burning desire to tear out my hair – This for me is the ultimate expression of frustration. The said hair is shedding at an alarming rate and so I try not to reach this level. But unfortunately, on the day that we have to travel, not only do I have to finish my packing but I have to deal with an abruptly malfunctioning appliance. I have a strong suspicion that there’s an extremely sadistic spirit in this house which gets it’s kicks out of torturing me. I’m sure it’s hovering somewhere laughing it’s guts out watching me run around like a headless chicken. How else do I explain this strange phenomenon ? This time it was the kitchen sink which played traitor. This particular thing has been quietly doing it’s duty for the past 2 years with not a cause for complaint. On the day we had to leave for Cambodia, it just decides to take a break. The horrendous thing gets blocked and I’ve to run out and get Drainex, which clears the block but ends up creating holes in the pipe which in turn starts leaking. Can you beat that ???? After all the damage control measures, back I go to the enchanting world of packing !
  • An aching jaw – This particular symptom is caused by determined gritting of teeth and clenching of jaw. If I don’t do either I’m likely  to emit a howl worthy of the most vociferous wolf. According to my plan I’m supposed to do the toing and froing only in the house and that too at a languid pace. I promise myself that I’ll  finish all purchases earlier and keep the last day free. However, like the episode with the Drainex, due to various totally unforeseen reasons, I end up driving to the shops at least thrice ! Will chewing gum make it easier I wonder ?
  • Glassy eyed stare accompanied by slight deafness –  This is the final symptom. After all the mad rush, on the way to the airport I ‘m convinced that I’ve forgotten something. The only problem’s that usually I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten !!  The flip side is that I’m happier if I’ve forgotten to take or do something. The rule is that it should not be anything important and the wacky rationale is that if I forget something at home, the rest of the trip will go uneventfully cos something bad has already happened by my forgetting to do whatever. So in the car I’m almost in a trance trying desperately to think about something, hopefully something inconsequential which I’ve forgotten. Once I realise that I haven’t taken my toothbrush or that I’ve omitted to take my face wash, I heave a sigh of relief and flop back completely worn out.

I would love to proclaim that I’ve escaped from this malady at least once but I would be lying if I said so. I’ve been affected each time and now I think I should just accept it as a precursor to any holiday, embrace it with open arms 🙂


2 comments on “Pre-travelitis ! – Travel Chronicles 4

  1. ladylighttravel
    February 1, 2013

    Ack! May I make some suggestions?
    * Think about a travel capsule wardrobe. Each piece goes with all the others. Lots of outfits, less clothes. They all work together so you know you’ll have what you need.
    * Pre-pack the basics. Buy a travel kit. Decant all your 3-1-1 products ahead of time. Have all the “regular” items live in the bag. Then just add clothes when the time to travel comes.
    * Use checklists. I like to use the “packing” App and tailor it for me. The app includes pre-leaving tasks (arrange for credit cards, etc.) and also includes items you want to pack.


    • The Glass Bangle
      February 2, 2013

      Wow ! That’s extremely helpful, especially about prepacking the basics. Will surely keep this in mind. Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂


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