The Glass Bangle

Being a Woman

I wish……

  • I wish I could eat the last piece of cake without feeling guilty.

  • I wish I would not notice cobwebs and smudges  when we have guests at home. Cobweb and gang stay diligently out of my sight otherwise, but one whiff of a guest and out they come and taunt me !
  • I wish my kids would quell their tendency to smother me with love as soon as they return from school. Detrimental to the olfactory senses, you see.
  • I wish I could view food as mere sustenance and not the reason for living.
  • I wish potatoes and spinach could swap their calorie content.
  • I wish I could feel perky and cheerful when I’ve to wake up early. Usually I feel cranky and have a strong urge to poke Hubby with a sharp instrument when I see him slumbering peacefully.
  • I wish I could view exercising as a means to a healthy me rather than specially devised methods of torture.
  • I wish breathing was an exercise !
  • I wish libraries would pay dedicated readers to come and grace their premises. What a wonderful job that would be. Sigh !
  • I wish vegetables and other ingredients could talk, so that they could tell me the exact proportion of themselves needed for a particular dish( or would they scream bloody murder when I’m cutting them ? !)
  • I wish I could learn to accept compliments gracefully without trying to convince the other person how mistaken they are !
  • I wish I could retaliate the next time somebody acts condescending, instead of seething quietly.
  • I wish my brain wouldn’t go on strike whenever I go on a stage.
  • I wish shopping was declared a national sport so that I could say I was doing something for the country 🙂
  • I wish that everything I’ve wished on fallen eye-lashes could come true !

6 comments on “I wish……

  1. Absolutely…. Every bit of it… I think I particularly relate to the one on shopping!!!


  2. dreamzandclouds
    May 10, 2013

    A very nice post……and I wish i was paid to eat (without gaining weight :P) and read my favourite books !! 😉


  3. thepolkadotpalace
    May 9, 2013

    I can relate to so many of these! If you ever find a library willing to pay you for coming in -please let me know!! That would be my perfect job too!


    • The Glass Bangle
      May 9, 2013

      Wouldn’t that be awesome 🙂
      Just thinking about such a job has me smiling like a cheshire cat !


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