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He’s Hollywood, I’m Bollywood !

Hollywood to me is synonymous with restrained  emotions, explosive action, droll humour and a muted colour palette. Bollywood on the other hand wears it’s emotions on the sleeve, the colours are bold, there’s a strong element of drama, and a song and dance routine is a must. Lolling around in front of the television one day, I was struck by how much Mr.A ( Hubby shall henceforth be addressed thus, due to popular opinion that he’s more of a Mr. A and less of a Hubby) epitomises the Hollywood way of doing things, and I’m so very Bollywood.

Pic Courtesy: Meena Kadri; Flickr

Pic Courtesy: Meena Kadri; Flickr

Like Bollywood, I’m too am not very worried about doing things in a particular way, my eyes are only on the end result. I have driven Mr.A  crazy on many an occasion due to my way of doing things. A tiny example will make matters clear. Reversing the car from a particular spot. I might take some time to complete this manoeuvre and it might involve a huge amount of calisthenics for me and the car. My point is that the car will end up in the right direction, so what difference does it make how many times I had to move it back and forth or how many times the car came close to kissing the wall ! Bollywood might not pay too much attention to the technique but  the end result is guaranteed to entertain the pants off you and that is the aim anyway

Hollywood brings to mind clenched jaws, smouldering looks and emotions kept firmly under check unless provoked. Mr. A displays all these characteristics

Pic Courtesy:Alessandro Pautasso; Flickr

Pic Courtesy:Alessandro Pautasso; Flickr

especially so when I disturb him while he’s reading or working. I have this habit of trying to engage him in conversation when I see him reading. In my defense, it’s not done intentionally, it just happens ! Anyway, while the poor chap is immersed in the latest shenanigans of the corporate world or trying to figure out the identity of the serial killer, I make an entrance. After numerous accusations of ‘not listening when I talk’, he’s quite wary nowadays. At first Mr.A gives me a perfunctory smile to acknowledge my existence and then very pointedly buries his nose in the book.  I don’t take the hint and plow on gamely regaling him with various interesting tidbits which I feel he should know.Mr.A in this situation sometimes slips into Hollywood mode and out comes the clenched jaw, smouldering looks and temper kept firmly in check, in that order ! Unfortunately for him, Bollywood and I are not too perturbed by the inattentiveness of our audience. We know they’ll stick with us cos they love us 🙂

What’s Bollywood without songs and dances, and  in some instances sprinkled indiscriminately into the movie. I don’t often break into a jig, however a song is a different proposition altogether. There are moments when a song playing in my head comes onto my lips and I don’t realise it. It’s only when  Mr.A looks aghast at me do I comprehend that certain sounds which are supposed to resemble a song, are emanating from me. This most often occurs when we exit from the elevator or while walking towards the car. This afternoon, I shocked an unwary workman in the neighbour’s apartment with my warbling and coming to think of it, he did have a dazed look on his face. So maybe there’s something to what Mr. A says ! The songs in a Hollywood film usually form a background score and doesn’t intrude into the characters lives. Mr. A and his music are so much like that. He like his music at a particular volume i.e. not too loud and it stays firmly in the background. Needless to say, my music does tend to stray over the accepted volume levels and the effect is enhanced since I sing along !

Coming to the restrained emotions of Hollywood, it’s so typical of Mr. A too. I would be cackling merrily at some comedy on television and I find Mr.A with an impassive face.  But there have been exceptions to this, when he’s shocked the life out of me by breaking out into insane laughter at something which I don’t find remotely funny. Bollywood and I are emotional creatures. An unexpectedly talented singer on a reality show can bring buckets of tears to my eyes. My laughter bouts can be triggered off by the weirdest things maybe something as inane as a raised eyebrow !

I’ve read about how methodical the process of filmmaking is in Hollywood. Bollywood too is catching up, with the young filmmakers trying to bring a change into the system. In our house, we are old school. Mr.A is methodical to a fault. His desk is in order, his bills are paid on time and generally he’s a very structured person. I confess to being more Bollywood, old style Bollywood.. I’ve shared stories about the ever increasing clutter in my wallet and handbag which supports this point. If I have to leave the house at 10 a.m, I walk around and relax till 9:45. In the mad rush which follows, many a dress has been mismatched and many an accessory misplaced.

Hollywood and Bollywood, two distinct entities with their own quirks and qualities but with a common aim, who coexist so beautifully. Mr. A and I have quite different personalities but I would like to believe that we too are on the same path moving forward with similar goals, aspirations and dreams.


2 comments on “He’s Hollywood, I’m Bollywood !

  1. Nikhil
    September 24, 2013

    Interesting post!
    Well written. 🙂


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