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(I wrote this post last year and it still remains one of my favourites. When I was a child, I used to be completely in awe of the significance of our Independence Day.

After so many years, weary cynicism has set in. There’s no hope from the political system in our country. India is led forward by its people, people like you and me, who still feel proud of being an Indian in spite of all the efforts of the political system to break down our faith. I feel hopeful because of so many fantastic people I see around me. I feel optimistic seeing the efforts of so many people who are thinking beyond themselves. On this Independence Day, I want to applaud the real heroes of India. I’m sure that each one of you will have a hero in your life who is neither famous nor wants to be. Here’s hoping that their number increases.)

Here’s  yet another Independence day, a day that now symbolises mandatory speeches which somehow don’t mean anything and a day on which our tricolour is waved around animatedly and then discarded without a second thought. Our freedom fighters who were heroes to a generation have now become mere lessons in History with whom it’s becoming quite difficult to identify with. I was on the lookout for people  who I could point out to my children as role models. I wanted Heroes and I found them around me. My Heroes have never been mentioned in any magazines or lauded on any television channel. They are not aware of the significance of what they are doing. They are just living their lives as they know how to and living it according to their beliefs,convictions and value systems. These are my Heroes….

  • The parents of 3 visually impaired daughters. Hailing from an orthodox family background, they believed in their children and educated all of them in spite of financial setbacks. They don’t feel they’re doing anything special, they’re just doing what they feel is right.
  • The just- out -of- college youngster who decided to help his father in his modest family business instead of following his dreams. I see him and feel optimistic about this generation.
  • The lady who works harder than a lot of people I know, who’s got a smile that will cheer up your day like the most beautiful sunrise. She works as a maid and she’s got so many problems at home that it will make us weep for days. I’ve never seen her without a smile.
  • A lady who with her husband’s full support  adopted a baby girl. She then went ahead and adopted a second baby. I so admire her for the dignity with which she has done it and the wonderful  hands-on mother she is .
  • The young girl who saw her family being evicted while still a teen; got a job and educated her brother ; worked hard,really hard and supported her family. She’s happily married now.

(My heroes are still going great and they continue to inspire me in life. I know who I want my children to look up to. I only hope that I can inculcate such values and beliefs in them. )

Jai Ho !


2 comments on “Truly Indian

  1. gowardhan
    August 14, 2013

    Yes we are really optimistic people, who mould our life as it demands.. your article tickled the emotional side of me


    • The Glass Bangle
      August 15, 2013

      Thank you Gowardhan for visiting my blog. I believe that there are so many Indians who do not make it to the headlines but still inspire us to do wonders in life.


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