The Blue Hour

According to Wikipedia, “The blue hour is the period of twilight each morning and evening where there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness. The time is considered special because of the quality of the light”.

Pic Courtesy: John Slaney
Pic Courtesy: John Slaney

The blue hour at dawn is a magical moment when the day is like a shy bride raising her eyes to look at her partner; a look filled with joy,exultation, and anticipation to embrace her new life. I feel closest to Nature during this time, a sense of oneness with my surroundings. Nobody around to distract and no sound to break the stillness of dawn ; just me and my thoughts. The air is amazingly fresh and Nature provides a glorious treat for all the senses. At no other time do we get to see the beauty of stillness or inhale the undiluted fragrance of the air around us. Even huge buildings look so tranquil, as if they’re just catching their breath before starting another chaotic day. The first sip of coffee is laced with the aroma of the earth which fills me with such happiness. The day is stretched out before me, but at that moment I can just stand apart. There are times when I know that the day will be fraught with tension, but the blue hour is solely for me to recharge my batteries. I set my thoughts free to fly wild, to frolic and to soar. They become nomads, boldly crossing boundaries of reality which I otherwise bind them with. At times I’m a best-selling author, joyously receiving the accolades from peers and fans and at other times I become a travel junkie, scaling mountains and crossing windswept, flower-strewn valleys. Even the morning walkers seem to be part of a silent film, respecting the unspoken code of silence. The appearance of the first vehicles ushers the rest of the day in.

Pic Courtesy :Jason Mrachina
Pic Courtesy :Jason Mrachina

I love the blue hour in the evening which is a time of solace. It’s the time when everybody is returning to their nests, the time to look back and take stock of the small victories and failures of the day. This is also one of my favourite times when travelling by train. I see lights flickering on in houses; members of the family sitting around and conversing, and grandmothers and squeaky clean children praying in the warm light of oil lamps which conveys a sense of serenity and well being. At home, my children are immersed in their activities, Mr. A is immersed either in the tv or in a book and I’ve got some time before dinner pangs hit everyone. I love to stand at my balcony and gaze out at people visibly slowing down. Vegetable sellers trudging back with almost-empty carts; children sauntering back home from tuition classes engrossed in their friends’ conversations. There are couples getting back from their evening walk catching up on each others day, discussing mutual worries and concerns and rejoicing in shared triumphs. Some evenings are tinged with a streak of melancholy and regret because of hurtful words said or heard, and thoughtless actions which could have been avoided. But the sights and sounds around brings a measure of comfort to an aching heart. How can I remain sad when I hear the innocent, gleeful laughter of a child ? How can I remain unmoved by the sight of an elderly couple holding hands and helping each other carry groceries? It’s difficult to stifle a grin at the sight of the young boy trying to act nonchalant and cool when a gang of giggling girls pass by. All this reinforces the fact that life will go on, relationships will endure and the sadness will pass. The soulful strains of a song of love and longing wafting through the air soothes the turbulence in my mind.

My daughter’s call for help with her homework shakes me out of my reverie and firmly takes me back to my little world. But I look forward to the next blue hour which unfailingly greets me when I wake up the next day. Thoughts of the countless blue hours in store, to be savoured and enjoyed, brings a smile to my lips and a lightness in my heart….


10 thoughts on “The Blue Hour

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      I too find it so very hard to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, but once my feet touch the ground then I really wake up. btw, wait till snubnose grows up, you’ll hv to wake up in the wee hours to get her lunch and other stuff ready 🙂


      1. Oh, I already wake up in the wee hours. I just don’t find that peace and quiet as I am in a tearing hurry. I am actually looking forward to retirement where I”ll be able to enjoy the blue hour in peace 🙂


  1. It is a splendid sight indeed, the morning blue hour. Though the evening blue hour is also on the same note, but the sounds of the human world, receding though are still distracting. I am not an early riser, but every now and then, the morning does beckon me out of bed and into the dawn.

    Nice post there, just like the hours described, the writing had a soothing cadence in it.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


    1. Thank you so much Blasphemous Athlete ! The blue hour in the evening has wormed into my heart because of a sense of homecoming. The activities of the day are done and I can sit and look back and ponder.


  2. What a lovely journey you have taken me on though these blue times of day. Loved: ‘the day is like a shy bride raising her eyes to look at her partner’. I take my dog out at around 6.30 each morning and I love that time of day for it’s quiet sense of beginning.


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