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Resolutions For A Better Tomorrow

The last week of December is always the time when the world is busy with resolutions. I’m one of the many who make resolutions with the intentions of systematically breaking every one of them. This year I’m determined to adhere to mine. I started ruminating on resolutions in general and it set me thinking. Along with making resolutions to improve ourselves, why not make resolutions which in some way will make the world a better place. Each of us might not be able to do anything on a large scale due to other commitments and considerations. We might not be able to move mountains or build dams, but we can try to spread kindness and love, so that our children grow up in a better world. If that is difficult, one can at least avoid spreading negativity and hate. We seem to have misplaced our sense of what’s right and wrong. Our senses are so numbed by innumerable tragedies unfolding all over the world, that we have become immune to another’s misery. We are overlooking the value of small parcels of kindness. Those tiny acts of humanity which are fast vanishing.

We are increasingly trivialising the value of an individual, the change that an individual can make. It might be a small change but doesn’t that too have a value? I have often been yanked out of a miserable mood by a stranger’s smile. A helping hand might make an elderly person feel that she too is loved and that her existence makes a difference to somebody. We are so focused on sharpening our words to use as weapons that we are forgetting how to use them to heal wounds and brighten up lives.

There’re so many little things we can do in life which will make another person feel better. Holding the lift open for somebody; helping a neighbour carry her groceries home; using ‘sorry’ and ‘thank-you’ without being miserly about it; offering help without analysing what we’ll get out of it; and so many other small gestures. They might seem negligible to us but to the receiver it’s a sign of somebody caring enough to notice them. It’s also magical because we find ourselves transformed in the process. When you smile at somebody, that smile lingers on your face and in your heart.

In a world increasingly burdened by hatred and evil, we can make a difference by not closing our eyes to another’s distress. You and me can make a difference. Its time we started believing in the power of goodness and started acting on it. Its time we realised the power our words and actions have, to bring happiness in another’s life. Happy 2015 to all you wonderful people out there. May the coming year reinforce the power of humanity !


2 comments on “Resolutions For A Better Tomorrow

  1. LynAn
    January 4, 2015

    Beautifully said TGB. All the hatred in the world has left us fearful and eventually blind to all that is going on. But little things summed up become a grand thing! I join you in trying to be a little kinder and smile a little brighter this year. I’d also like you to listen to this song, which is along the lines of what you have written.


    • The Glass Bangle
      January 5, 2015

      Happy New Year LyAn ! A little more kindness and a little more compassion can create such a lot of difference . Moreover, our children, the citizens of tomorrow will see it as a natural act rather than an exception. So, LynAn, lets carry the message of kindness through our actions. God Bless ! 🙂
      (Will listen to the song)

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