The Kindest Eyes

Those eyes. Mahua loved them. The love and strength reflecting in them were the only things that kept her going on some days. Her sister often teased her about her obsession with those eyes. Mahua knew that it wasn’t just love. It was something beyond that. She knew that he too had a special place in his heart for her.
Just one more day to Valentine’s Day. She hoped that he would have good news for her on that day. Taking a deep breath, she shook her head to clear all the muddled thoughts in there. Today promised to be a busy day; the Poetry Slam she was organizing in college was happening in the evening. There was a lot of work left. Mahua hurried out of her room, hugging her father and pinching her mother’s cheeks on the way out. They laughed at her zest for life, but there was a strain in those faces. They too knew the significance of Valentine’s Day.
Mahua zoomed out of the building on her dad’s Bullet. He strongly disapproved of her taking his bike to college, but some days she craved to be reckless. She wanted to feel the wind buffeting her face and sunshine warming her soul. She felt full of life, as if nothing could touch her.
The man with the kindest eyes was in his office. The eyes were weary. This room was the only place he could let down his guard and let all the worries sweep over him. No matter how grey his hair became or how many grooves appeared on his forehead, he couldn’t stay detached. He removed his glasses and gazed out of his window at the cat snoozing on a patch of sunshine. Just one more day to go. Mahua’s test reports were scheduled for February 14th. Some days, being a doctor felt like the heaviest burden on earth. But this time he was optimistic. This time he was sure that the Chemo had worked.


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