Homomorphism-II, A Revelation

It has been a long time since I saw art that moved me so immensely. Homomorphism- II, is an art exhibition which showcases the work of 7 talented artists from the LGBT community. They have put together a marvellous collection of paintings, drawings, digital illustrations and photographs which reveal different facets of same-sex intimacy.
It was a revelation for me and I caught glimpses of an unfamiliar world which amazed me with its beauty and spirit. The paintings conveyed so many emotions – freedom, acceptance, beauty, sensuousness, fragility, fun and so much more.
A particular exhibit which caught my eye was a series of four photographs of a young man, neck upwards. The intense vulnerability in his eyes seared my mind.
An inconspicuous book of photographs sits in one corner of the room. Each photo features a chair/sofa in different settings. The condition of the chairs vary in each picture, whether it be by the seashore or in an urban backyard. The artist was able to draw an exquisite analogy between the isolation of the chairs and the situation of homosexuals in society. The chairs were by turn battered, bruised, broken and abandoned. Yet they all stood defiantly alone. These photographs leave a lasting impression of fortitude and strength.
I loved the aesthetically beautiful portrayal of same-sex intimacy. There was a tenderness and beauty in the art which was refreshing. The popular perception of homosexuals as effeminate caricatures was smashed to pieces by the 7 artists through their work. It was fascinating to see the beauty of the male form as seen through a man’s eyes.
It was a mind-blowing experience and I really look forward to seeing more from these artists. The event was organised by Queerala, an organisation that represents and supports the LGBTQ community in Kerala.
The artists featured are : Aishwaryan K, Arvin O, Santanu D, Pragya P, Mahesh M and Jijo Q


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