Glass bangles have a language of their own, be it the delicate tinkle when a young girl lifts a hand to sweep away the cascade of hair covering her face, or the bold clash when a woman slaps away unwanted advances, or the light murmur when she holds her beloved close. The bangles never lie. Facial expressions can be schooled to form a mask, but the anxious movements of the hands are a complete giveaway.

My Glass Bangle holds a mirror to my thoughts, those that hunger to escape from the confines of my mind and find a place in yours.

2018 has seen a change in the design and direction of this blog. The Glass Bangle reflects my evolution, from somebody hesitantly putting her thoughts on paper to a more confident person who dares to let her imagination chart its own course.

So read on kind reader. Till we meet one day where the stars shower space dust on us and the winds of adventure blow all around…

(I blog about books on The Greedy Reader and write poems on Shutter N Quill)

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  1. Yes, somehow when a woman becomes a mother she is automatically expected to become super queen… like you mentioned so beautifully… and it is exhilarating. Except when that one pair of socks is missing or the milk is not warm enough and suddenly you just lose your crown… sigh…

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